October 4, 2022
One Of The 'Largest Predatory Dinosaurs Ever Found' Was Just Unearthed Off The Coast Of England

English researchers have just unearthed an entirely species of dinosaur predator from the Isle of Wight. Temporarily called the “White Rock Spinosaurid” after the geological layer it was dug from, it reached 32 feet in length and lived 125 million years ago. Paleontologists believe it was the largest predator ever to walk Europe.

Experts were able to deduce roughly when the creature lived and died by noting its final resting place, a 125-million-year-old rock face named the Vectis Formation. According to the Natural History Museum, this geological site has long preserved the beginning of a period of rising sea levels — when the spinosaurid likely stalked lagoons.

The fossils dug from this formation on the southwestern coast included both pelvic and tail vertebrae. These are now being preserved at the Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown while researchers debate the dinosaur’s formal scientific name. Nearly as long as a city bus, the White Rock Spinosaurid was an undeniable killer.

“This was a huge animal, exceeding 10 meters (32.8 feet) in length and probably several tons in weight,” said Chris Barker, lead researcher. “Judging from some of the dimensions, it appears to represent one of the largest predatory dinosaurs ever found in Europe — maybe even the biggest yet known.”

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