September 30, 2022
Cute Backstreet Boys Kids Steal Show During Hollywood Bowl Gigging “Larger than Life” Fireworks Festival-Watch

Fireworks, Adorable Cameos, and Private Birthday Bash for Orange Country Star Real Housewives – 26 months after the pandemic stopped their “DNA World Tour,” the Backstreet Boys returned to California on the weekends. rice field.

And when the show sold out at Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, the Grammy-nominated group created a fan’s favorite “No Place,” a cute collaborator to help play the kids. I called.

Music videos featuring the band’s family are usually played on screen when playing a DNA album track, but the singer surprised fans by bringing “Backstreet Baby” to the stage instead.

Nick Carter, who had previously shared a heartwarming post with his 6-year-old son Odin and his 2-year-old daughter Saoirse, enjoyed the first taste of tour bath life and came out with both cuties. And to her dad, Saoirse was clinging, Odin confidently showed his modest dance moves. The two (including their 1-year-old sister Pearl) include AJ McLean’s daughter (Ava, 9 and Lyric, 5), Howie Doroff’s son (James, 13 and Holden, 9), and Kevin. Richardson’s son has joined. (Mason (14) and Maxwell (8).) Brian Littrell (47) also has a 19-year-old son Bailey who is pursuing a country music career.

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