September 29, 2022
Cubs, Keegan Thompson Suffer Growing Pains in 9-3 Loss to Orioles

But with a second-year pitcher making his 11th big-league start, it also was a reminder of what the Cubs are doing this year, where they are compared to when, say, Jon Lester might have a similar clunker during a long season on “one of those nights.”

For now, he’s going to work the next four days on what went wrong during a seven-run, three-homer, two-hit-batter flusher that shot his season ERA from 1.99 to 3.17 in a three-inning second.

“A lot of pitches to hit, a lot of stuff in the zone, a lot of breaking stuff with just not a lot of bite,” manager David Ross said. “The first bad night that we’ve see him have.”

“He’s pitched really well for us, but tonight he didn’t have the command of pitches like he has,” Contreras said. “The fastball command wasn’t there. The breaking balls were a little flat in the zone.”

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