October 1, 2022
Chesa Boudin supporters react to San Francisco district attorney recall outcome

“I’m mad,” another watch party attendee, Lavette, said. “When you start knocking somebody down – believe it he’s a soldier – he’s going to stand up, and he’s going to keep going up.”

Mimi, a 30-year San Francisco resident, said: “He presented a vision of a world that I would like to see, and it’s so rare to see somebody putting out something so good.”

Polls in San Francisco closed at 8:00 p.m., and the first bunch of votes came in around 8:45. The California city voted to recall Boudin by 61%, while 39% voted for him to stay in office.

Boudin has faced criticisms over policies such as not trying juveniles as adults and eliminating cash bail. Efforts to recall him have been ongoing since January 2021. 

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