September 28, 2022
Carrie Underwood 'just wanted to have fun' on 'Denim and Rhinestones'

If you’ve ever caught yourself lip-syncing a Carrie Underwood song, using a hairbrush as an imaginary mic as you belted out any one of her 28 No. 1 singles, her newest album — Denim & Rhinestones — was written just for you.

“I just wanted to have fun,” the effervescent Underwood says in a Zoom call from Nashville. “I feel like with each album, you start out with a blank piece of paper and say, ‘What are we going to paint on this canvas?’ My co-producer David (Garcia) asked me, ‘What do you want to do?’

“And that’s the toughest question when you’re starting from nothing. But I told him, ‘I want to have fun.’ I feel like the past couple of years have been very serious and in my body of work I’ve covered so much ground. I’ve been dramatic and all kinds of twangy, and everything in between. This time I just wanted to make a super-fun album.”

After making a Christmas record (2020’s My Gift) and a Grammy-winning Gospel album (last year’s My Savior), Underwood, 39, thought hard about the sounds she wanted to lean into for Denim & Rhinestones.

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