September 27, 2022
Big Brother 24: How many days can we expect this season?

We’re less than a month away now from the premiere of Big Brother 24 and the moment the show comes back, we’re prepared to devote most of the summer to the ins and outs of this crazy game.

So just how many days should we expect here, at least based on the July 6 premiere date and our assumptions from last year? We think we’ve got a reasonably good sense of it already.

Last summer, we think the CBS show hit on something that we think they’ll want to maintain for some time in an 85-day season. We don’t think they’re going to go back to a 100-day format anytime soon, largely because they don’t need to. In doing a live move-in on premiere date (which we’re hoping to have again), it allows the producers to put together as many episodes as they would previously in a 92 or 93-day season back before they handled the move-in this way. This means that really, they’re only down a few episodes from when they did the 100-day season. Also, producers save money not having to keep people in the house for longer than that 85-day period, and they get almost three months of revenue from Paramount+ subscriptions.

Doing a season of this length allows Big Brother 24 to wrap up at the end of September, right as the network is kicking off their fall season and putting on a new season of Survivor. We love Big Brother as much as anyone, but there can at times be too much of a good thing. That’s probably one of the reasons why we don’t anticipate the celebrity version becoming an annual thing; it was done earlier this year, but that’s probably tied mostly to there being competition that came out in the form of the Winter Olympics.

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