September 29, 2022
Antioxidants: Food, Supplements, and Health Explained

Antioxidants can boost immunity and neutralize the damage caused by chemicals known as free radicals. The safest way to take advantage of the benefits of antioxidants is by consistently including a variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet.   Many sources, including product marketers, licensed clinicians, and dietary guidelines, emphasize the importance of antioxidants for health and nutrition.

Many people promote the overall health benefits and several other claims related to antioxidants, such as anti-aging effects. Therefore, it is important to understand what antioxidants are and how to safely gain their benefits.

You can gain antioxidants through your diet. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends a diet filled with various fruits and vegetables as the best source of natural antioxidants.

In 1956, a scientist called Denham Harman published the free radical theory of aging. This theory links the accumulation of oxidative cellular damage with cellular aging and DNA mutations. Over time this theory has evolved to help clinicians understand the effect of free radicals and the role of antioxidants. 

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