October 4, 2022
Android 12 QPR beta program ends, Pixels in it will be unenrolled automatically

Google’s two-pronged Android Beta Program has been a little confusing for a while, but things are getting a lot simpler now that the Android 12 Quarterly Platform Release Beta 3 is ending. If you’re among those that jumped into the program (say, for early Pixel 6 fixes), you’ll be opted out of that program in the coming weeks as your device is pushed to the stable June update, and the only beta in town will be the one for Android 13.

The news comes courtesy of an announcement to the Android Beta subreddit, with the Google-associated /u/androidbetaprogram account detailing the changes happening to the program as a result of the Android 12 QPR3 release to stable and ongoing Android 13 beta program.

If your Pixel is enrolled in the QPR beta program, and you haven’t received the June update (which is a fancy shmancy Pixel Feature Drop that delivers some fun new features), Google says that the rollout of the update will be continuing over the next week. My own QPR-enrolled Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t see the update yet either, but you can also manually install the June stable release on top of the Android 12 QPR3 betas.

Once that update is installed, Google claims that you can manually opt out of the beta program without a data wipe if you prefer not to have the process happen automatically. The announcement isn’t explicit, but I assume that means those that are opted out automatically also will not suffer a wipe. On the off-chance that’s not the case, we’ve reached out to Google to explicitly confirm. If you’re worried, it’s clear that the manual opt-out process shouldn’t wipe your phone once you’re on the June update.

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