September 28, 2022
Amazon's Virtual Try-On for shoes is definitely useful but weird

Maybe you hate having to remember socks when you go to the shoe store. Or maybe you’re a new dad and feel the call for New Balances in your soul. Either way, new technology from Amazon allows shoppers in the U.S. and Canada to virtually try on shoes through their smartphone or tablet.

With Virtual Try-On for Shoes, you can just point your camera at your feet and check out all the different shoes you might be interested in buying. This feature is now built in to the Amazon Shopping app, but it’s currently only available to iOS users (Apple products), so Android users won’t be able to try it just yet. Virtual Try-On for Shoes works by using augmented reality, similar to the way that you can use AR View to see how other Amazon products will fit and look in your home. 

This new shoe technology works by using your phone’s camera and adding the product directly to your feet in real-time for your viewing pleasure. Once activated, you can check out various color options and even certain styles and the virtual shoes will automatically update on your phone. 

As of now, Amazon has already added this feature to thousands of different styles across the platform, including those from major brands like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, and New Balance. Just in time for Father’s Day, your dad can check out his next pair of New Balances before you hit order. Yup, they’re definitely not for you. They’re for Dad.

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