September 29, 2022
Adam Silver: NBA Regular Season 'Enormously Valuable' amid Season Shortening Rumors

While Adam Silver has expressed an openness to tweaking the NBA’s regular season and is interested in adding a mid-campaign tournament— similar to events like the FA Cup in English soccer or Spain’s Copa Del Rey—the NBA commissioner isn’t in devaluing the regular season in the process.

“The last thing I’m trying to suggest is that we don’t value our current regular season, it’s enormously valuable,” he told Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill. “These teams care a lot about home-court advantage, and people can’t get enough of NBA basketball.”

Detractors of the 82-game season have argued that it puts a major strain on the players, leading to an increasing number of injuries that keep star players out of action come the postseason.

“The fact that teams are focused on load management and players are resting, that sends a message in its own right,” Silver told Goodwill. “And I’m saying we’re paying attention to that and want to make sure that the number of games we’re playing isn’t just a result of the fact that that’s what we’ve been doing for 50 years.”

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