October 2, 2022
A Used Mk4 Volkswagen Golf R32 Could Be A Better Choice Than A 2022 Golf R

With quite possibly the most well-known badge in their line-up, Volkswagen has continued to make the Golf a favorite amongst everyone and anyone. The Golf is the people’s car, it’s practical, not crazy expensive, and will run forever if looked after properly. The Golf badge is still around 48 years after its introduction, a true testament to simple engineering and design.

But every generation VW gives us something destined for the garages of driving enthusiasts. A special car with an R in the name. By now, we are used to the perfection that is the Golf R, arguably the best all-rounder hatchback on sale, but what it all started with was this; the Golf R32.

The R32 was like nothing that came before it. It was a massive step up from the GTIs and gave the performance-inclined VW lovers a fix. Let’s take a look back at this trailblazer and how much you can expect to fork out to get your hands on one.

The year was 2004, Facebook had just been created, and Michael Schumacher makes history by winning his 7th F1 world title. All the meanwhile, VW had been cooking up something to release just in time for the MK4 Golf’s end of production. The product was the Golf R32, and while it may seem that it was a rushed project to see off this generation of Golf, this certainly was not the case, the Golf R32 was a serious project for the Germanm automaker.

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