September 27, 2022
A group of ranchers oppose Health Canada's beef “blame”

A group representing Canadian ranchers states that their industry has been unfairly selected by a new draft regulation requiring the sale of packaged ground beef with health warning labels.

The Canadian Cowherd Association refutes the Canadian Ministry of Health’s proposal to introduce essential pre-packaging nutrition labeling for pre-packed foods high in sodium, sugar and saturated fat.

According to Health Canada’s website, the goal is to provide consumers with quick and easy nutritional information, encourage them to make healthier choices, and encourage food manufacturers to make healthier products. is.

Package labels apply to most foods that exceed 15% of the adult’s recommended daily intake of sodium, sugar, or saturated fat. However, some foods that are naturally high in sugar, such as sugar-free fruits, are exempt from labeling requirements. Also, dairy products and eggs that are high in saturated fat are exempt.

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