September 28, 2022
A Google and Sonos Catfight Broke Smart Homes for Pixel Phones

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It’s been half a year since Sonos won a patent infringement suit against Google, yet the companies are still bickering. In a community blog post, Google says that some Pixel phones are unable to set up new or recently-disconnected smart home devices because of “an interruption caused by Sonos.”

These sorts of blog posts are Google’s go-to when diffusing customer rage. It’s the same thing we saw during Google’s spat with Roku—blame the other company for a problem, and hint that some users may get free replacement products.

Google hasn’t offered a real explanation for this problem, which it calls “temporary.” But in a statement to 9to5Google, it says that Sonos is continually using the legal system “in a way that deliberately creates issues” for users.

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