September 26, 2022
65000-year-old “Swiss Army Knife” reveals key to early human survival-nationwide

The existence of ancient multi-tools in southern Africa may indicate long-distance communication between ancient humans, according to a study published Thursday in Scientific Reports.

The Howiesons Poort blade is known as the prehistoric “Swiss Army Knife of Stone” because it is an early example of a multi-purpose multi-tool. Stone tools weren’t revolutionary at the time, but Howiesons Poort blades are very groundbreaking because they are “patterned” (that is, the stone tools are fixed to the handle) using glue and glue. was.

Ancient humans in southern Africa mass-produced these early multi-tools for hunting (shaped in spears and arrows) and cutting trees, plants, bones, skin, feathers and meat.

Stone tools from the Shivdu Cave Ruins in South Africa. Similarities with other tools in the region show that early humans shared knowledge with each other 65,000 years ago.

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