September 28, 2022
$ 12 Million Allocated to BC Association of Farmers' Market Coupon Program

“Our government continues to support the BC Farmers Market Nutrition Coupons Program, which is widely supported throughout the state,” said Adrian Dix, BC’s Minister of Health.

“This program encourages people to buy nutritious, locally sourced foods, which helps improve the health and well-being of British Columbia citizens and build a sense of community. “

According to the state, eligible recipients will find a $ 27 weekly coupon to help them buy local foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, dairy products, herbs, vegetables and fruit plants, meat and fish. Will be received for 16 weeks. This is an increase of $ 6 from $ 21 a week in 2021.

“By helping increase the number of people who are most in need of participation in the program, we are helping more people secure food while strengthening the state’s food system and the local food economy,” he said. Rana Pofam, BC’s Minister of Agriculture and Food, said.

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