September 28, 2022
Why are Instagram messages black?

Following Instagram’s latest update, social media users worldwide are facing a couple of frustrating developments: an inability to use filters on their Instagram story, encountering an “unable to use effect” error message, and, as of early Thursday morning, blacked out Instagram direct messages. 

Both iPhone and Android users are up against the social media issue, and some shared screenshots of it on Twitter, revealing messages that were both entirely and partially blacked out on the Instagram app. 

My Instagram messages were all showing up with a black box around them or being completely blacked out – came on here and it’s kinda of a relief I’m not alone in this tbh – lmk if any of y’all find a solution please

Although Instagram has yet to address the worldwide message blackout, it appears the social media platform itself is experiencing the glitch, as reports of the irritating error aren’t limited to certain mobile devices or carriers. 

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