September 27, 2022
Who is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight? (May 28)

If you have been waiting for a new episode of Saturday Night Live all week, we hate to be the ones who bring you bad news. But, unfortunately, there is no new episode of the sketch comedy series tonight. However, there is an episode that will air, and it’s one of my personal favorites! Below, we share all the details you need to know and also speculate on when Saturday Night Live season 48 premieres.

Last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live (May 21) was a sad one. As much as loved the sketches and continued to laugh throughout the episode, we were in tears at times, too. And this is because, in case you missed it, Saturday Night Live season 47 episode 21 was the last episode for Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney. We will miss them dearly and wish nothing but the best — I know we’ll see them again, soon!

When it comes to keeping up with SNL‘s schedule, it’s not easy! The NBC show can take multiple breaks throughout a season. We’re also not always sure what the episode count for a season is. That said, here’s what we DO know about tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

There’s no new episode of NBC’s SNL tonight. The episode on May 21, which is season 47 episode 21, featuring Natasha Lyonne as the host and Japanese Breakfast as the musical guest, served as the season 47 finale. This means there won’t be a new episode for a while. But before we get into that, here’s who is hosting tonight’s episode.

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