September 30, 2022
There's a Muhammad Ali metaverse boxing sim powered by NFTs coming

Altered State Machine (ASM) is partnering with Muhammad Ali Enterprises and Authentic Brands Group (ABG) for the release of Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends. This one’s gonna take a bit of explaining, folks.

ASM is the leader in Web3 artificial intelligence. Owners of NFTs can use ASM technology to create, train and grow AI agents. Each of these agents is unique and built on sets of randomized values. Those values translate into stats in video games. Any single agent can be trained using a machine learning model trainer. The trainers are specific to any Metaverse built to use the ASM platform.

The idea is that an NFT owner can train up an agent with amazing stats to play the game. When it’s time to move on from that specific game they can sell them on the open market.

So, the actual game. Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends is something of an idle game. Think about pitting AIs against each other in the latest WWE game, or something like Salty Bet and you’ve got an idea of the mechanics.

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