October 2, 2022
The more things change, the more they stay the same for Steelers

Yes, more straw men, but in this age of constant fan input into my brain, straw men are unavoidable and it became clear that these straw men did not want Khan. He had no scouting background, so why put him in charge of a position that’s most important task – at least for fans – is judging football talent?

That was the argument, but I had known Omar for so long that I appreciated his sharp football acumen. Plus, I had reasoned repeatedly, he’s smart enough to know what he doesn’t know.

Maybe it’s the transcript. I didn’t attend the press conference. Omar knows I don’t have to kiss his butt to maintain our relationship, so instead of showing up to applaud and congratulate from a media seat, I helped my mother clean out her basement.

But in reading through the transcript, the answer to the one question I assumed would get answered – since Khan no doubt had to make this case to Art Rooney II – is this: How are you going to get around your lack of a player-evaluation past?

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