October 4, 2022
The Largest Battery Energy Storage System in the State is Officially Online in North Texas

Monday morning Vistra Corp announced its battery energy storage facility is officially online. It has the ability to instantly release energy to the power grid.

As the long hot summer months inch closer, the conversation about energy reliability and the power grid continues to be at the forefront of many Texans’ minds. There’s a new battery energy storage facility in North Texas that is being touted as part of the solution to help minimize disruptions in electricity when the demand gets high.

Located at the DeCordova Energy Storage Facility in Granbury, the 3,000 individual battery modules stored in 86 containers can hold 260-megawatts, which can power about 130,000 Texas residences during normal grid conditions.

“With these batteries, they are charging at night for the most part when we’re not using power as much and all those wind farms are blowing across the state of Texas. They’re charging with energy when it’s most available and then they’re going to put that power back onto the grid when our customers really need it,” explained Claudia Morrow senior vice president of development for Vistra Corps.

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