September 28, 2022
The Google Play Store's massive redesign on desktop rolls out more widely

While Google has made several improvements to the Play Store on mobile (opens in new tab) multiple times in the past, the desktop version hasn’t seen some love for many years. The search giant finally addressed that shortcoming by teasing a massive update to the Play Store’s web version (opens in new tab) last November, and it’s now available worldwide.

First and foremost, the new layout makes extensive use of negative space, giving each app listing plenty of room to stand out. The redesign also swaps out the left-hand sidebar for the top navigation that highlights tabs for games, apps, books, movies, and kids.

You’ll also notice rounded corners everywhere, as opposed to the old squared-off edges. This applies to app and game icons, screenshots, book covers, and device filters beneath the navigation bar.

However, not every tab and section in the new layout was given equal attention. For example, the links to your library and wishlist in the Books tab still use the old design. The books tab in the Library section was also left out in the cold.

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