October 4, 2022
Strictly's Amy Dowden opens up on the reality of life with Crohn's disease and difficult flare-ups

Strictly Come Dancing professional Amy Dowden has opened up on the reality of life with Crohn’s disease, which has meant she missed out on opportunities as she was seen as a ‘risk’. 

The dancer, 31, took to Instagram to share a selfie from a ‘flare-up’ of her condition, in which she was seen with what appeared to be a hospital blanket, with inflamed eyes and sore lips.

Amy wanted to share the photo of her during a flare-up of her condition to raise awareness and let other sufferers of the chronic condition know they are not alone. 

She added: ‘Last few years I’ve really wanted to help raise awareness for IBD. Help other sufferers but also show that it doesn’t define you.‘Today I want to share times I found tough. One of which is being judged for your condition! I would do anything in the world not to live with it, I often say what did I do to deserve this?’

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