September 28, 2022
Stranger Things season 4: Is Pennhurst Mental Hospital a real place?

There are more murders happening in Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things season 4, and the possible suspect list is pretty lengthy. Ahead of the new season, we learned there’d be new characters introduced per usual, this time including the new baddie from the Upside Down, Vecna, and a creepy guy named Victor Creel played by A Nightmare on Elm Street legend Robert Englund.

We also get to meet a high schooler named Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), who’s head of the Dungeons & Dragons club The Hellfire Club, and Jonathan’s new friend in California, Argyle (Eduardo Franco). Who can we trust and who should we be suspicious of?

When the first murder is committed in Stranger Things season 4 part 1, everyone’s terrified. While working for the school newspaper, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and her classmate Fred (Logan Riley Bruner) go to investigate the scene and Nancy ends up speaking to Eddie’s uncle, Wayne Munson (Joel Stoffer).

High schooler Chrissy (Grace Van Dien) is murdered at Wayne and Eddie’s trailer in the first episode, and naturally Eddie is the cops’ prime suspect. However, Wayne is convinced he wouldn’t do something like that, and after seeing how messed up Chrissy’s body was, he suspects something much more sinister went down. He tells Nancy about Victor Creel, explaining that this man lost his mind back in the 1950s and killed his family. Allegedly, Victor cut out his family’s eyes, which is similar to Chrissy’s death. Wayne compares Victor to the iconic movie villain Michael Myers, which is incredibly chilling.

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