September 27, 2022
Starfield continues to have the most boring leaks in video game history

Like any video game, Starfield has had its fair share of leaks in the past but to Bethesda’s credit they’ve managed to stop anything important from getting out, which has left the game with some of the most uninteresting leaks ever seen.

To clarify, it’s not the game that looks boring, it’s just that the leaks keep end up being the side of a spaceship or a sci-fi looking door – rather than anything that might actually tell you something about the game.

Why someone would want to risk their job for a picture of a spaceship’s door we don’t know but that is apparently what the image above is (well, maybe it’s an interior building, but whatever).

Despite releasing a number of promotional videos, for things like concept art and sound effects, Bethesda has still never shown any gameplay for Starfield and it’s not entirely clear what the game is.

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