October 1, 2022
Sony support email reportedly confirms that players have to pay back PS Plus discounts to upgrade

An email which has been posted online seems to confirm earlier reports that players subscribed to PlayStation Plus at a discount may have to pay the discount back to Sony in order to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Premium.

It’s since been claimed by some Asian players that anyone who purchased PS Plus subscriptions at a discounted price, including those who chose to stack subscriptions before the option was disabled earlier this month, is being charged extra to upgrade to a different PS Plus tier, wiping out any previous savings they made buying reduced cost memberships.

UPDATE: Sony Interactive Entertainment has claimed a “technical error” was to blame for players being charged extra to upgrade to different PlayStation Plus membership tiers if they had previously purchased discounted memberships.

ORIGINAL STORY CONTINUES: This appears to be confirmed in an email from PlayStation’s Hong Kong support, which was published on ResetEra and translated by VGC. It reads:

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