September 30, 2022
Sony says it only charged extra for PS Plus upgrades because of a "technical error"

After users in Asia found extra charges for their PlayStation Plus upgrades this week, Sony says that this was a “technical error” and will be refunding affected players.

The upgraded PlayStation Plus is now available through most of Asia, ahead of the worldwide rollout in June. Many players who had purchased PS Plus subscriptions at a discount have reported being asked to pay the entire value of the discount back before being allowed to upgrade to one of the new, more expensive tiers.

In an email from PlayStation’s Hong Kong support branch (posted to ResetEra (opens in new tab) and translated by VGC (opens in new tab)), a Sony rep suggested that the extra charge was a matter of policy. “Since you purchased PlayStation Plus at a discounted price at the time of membership, there are two PlayStation Plus memberships that cannot enjoy other discounts: PlayStation Plus membership bought with a discount [or] PlayStation Plus membership redeemed with redemption code.

“Therefore, if you need to upgrade to Level 2 or 3 Premium membership, you will need to make up the difference between the previous discounted price and the normal price.”

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