September 29, 2022
Sony Claims PS Plus Upgrade Complaints Stemmed From An Error

May 25 update: Sony now says that it was an error causing players to be charged more to upgrade their PlayStation Plus subscriptions if they had previously gotten a discount for the service. It says the issue has now been resolved and that anyone impacted will receive a credit.

“Due to a technical error, players in Asia who have previously purchased a PlayStation Plus membership at a discount have been incorrectly charged for their upgrade pricing,” Sony said. “This error has been fixed and impacted players will receive a credit. We thank you for your patience.”

Players overseas in Asia are not very happy with the way Sony is rolling out the new PS+ subscription tiers. According to accounts online, original PS+ subscribers who bought their subscription at a discount now have to essentially pay more in order to upgrade. What this means is that the original discount is voided, and players need to make up the difference between the standard price and the discount–before they can upgrade to Essential or Premium.

To give an example, a player in Hong Kong called PlayStation’s customer service to ask why they had to pay extra. The player said during the recorded call (with translation by GameSpot), “Today you guys released a new subscription membership service. I was already a member of the previous PS Plus. Now I want to upgrade my membership to Tier 2. I realized my subscription still has two years on it, and to upgrade, I need to pay 600 HK.”

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