September 28, 2022
Samsung Galaxy A53 vs. S21 FE: Which value phone is the real value?

At $450 or less, it’s hard to argue with the Galaxy A53 5G’s value. It may not be as fast or have the camera prowess of the Galaxy S21 FE, but what it lacks in brute strength is made up for in battery life. Plus, the Exynos 1280 inside is still plenty fast for gaming and most people’s daily needs.

The Galaxy S21 FE is the best version of the Galaxy S21 line because of its value proposition. It’s got the same great display and processor from Samsung’s more expensive Galaxy S21 line, just in a slightly different package with worse haptics. Its biggest fault is that the Galaxy S22 came out just after it, and it’s only $100 more.

If you’re looking for a great Samsung phone that doesn’t cost as much as a flagship device like a Galaxy S22+ (opens in new tab), the Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy S21 FE are great choices. But is the Galaxy S21 FE really worth double the cost of the Galaxy A53 5G? We compare these two budget-friendly phones (opens in new tab) to see which is better worth your hard-earned dollars.

Both the Galaxy A53 5G (opens in new tab) and Galaxy S21 FE (opens in new tab) are unmistakably modern Samsung devices on the outside. The large camera hump on the back is brought about gradually by curved sides, and the vertical orientation of the camera sensors is extremely similar between the two devices. However, the Galaxy S21 FE follows more closely to the style of the Galaxy S21 or S22, aligning it better with those premium phones.

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