October 4, 2022
Research: Google Chrome only blocking a quarter of phishing websites

Google has prided itself on its ability to block websites that are trying to trick users into handing over email passwords or banking login details. But almost three in four phishing websites are still getting past Chrome’s filters, researchers say. — dpa

Google’s Chrome web browser is only preventing users from visiting around a quarter of suspicious sites that are likely part of phishing scams, according to researchers in the UK.

The British consumer group Which said a study searching the web addresses of 800 newly discovered phishing sites in a web browser saw Google’s Chrome block only 28% when used on Windows and 25% on an Apple Mac computer.

Which said it performed the same test across a number of other web browsers, with Mozilla’s Firefox browser performing the best by blocking access to 85% of sites when used on Windows and 78% on Mac – the best result on both platforms.

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