September 27, 2022
Redfall: Trailer, News & Latest Updates

First featured in Xbox and Bethesda’s Game Showcase in 2021, Redfall is a highly anticipated new twist on the vampire apocalypse. Arkane Austin Studios, the creators of Prey and Dishonored, continues its path of meticulous world building and emphasis on game mechanics with Redfall. Players can look forward to its open-world concept exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Redfall is a peaceful island town in Massachusetts that falls under siege by vampires that block out the sun and threaten to wipe out the town. A group of survivors, all brought to Redfall for a variety of reasons, must navigate the hostile world they find themselves in and try to stop the apocalypse. Here’s what is known so far about the game.

While no official gameplay trailer has been released yet, the announcement trailer certainly hooks players in with sarcasm, promises of epic boss battles, and hints as to the characteristics of the four main characters. Layla Ellison, a college student with telekinetic powers is shown to be incredibly strong. Layla can potentially go head-to-head with quite a few enemies the group will come across.

Remi de la Rosa, a combat engineer, and Devinder Crousley, a cryptozoologist, are shown to be skilled with machines and weaponry, each wielding different equipment. Jacob Boyer, a former military sniper, seems to have the ability to turn invisible, although what exactly his full power set is remains to be seen. He apparently has a raven, although it’s unclear if the raven plays a role in Jacob’s powers. Rumors of leaked gameplay footage are currently circulating, but there’s no set date for an official gameplay trailer release.

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