September 29, 2022
Randy Orton Once "Blew His Stack" At Pitched Storyline Idea For Him

Matt McCarthy, a former WWE writer, was speaking onThe Universal Wrestling Podcast, and said that the 14-time world champion immediately shot down an idea suggested for him that involved his wife at the time Samantha Speno and his daughter.

According to McCarthy, Eric Pankowski, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative and Development at the time, wanted an opponent of Randy Orton’s to reference his family members in order to advance their feud, something that he says Orton did not react kindly to.

“Whoever his opponent was, they were going to mention Randy’s wife and Randy’s daughter. I believe that this was the scenario, and Randy blew his stack… Randy’s just like, ‘Why don’t we keep my f***ing work at my f***ing work? Leave my f***ing family in my f***ing family’s house,’ or something like that. It was just like, ‘Wow, I don’t think Randy likes this idea.’ That was wild.” (h/t Sportskeeda)

It’s clear from McCarthy’s story and the amount of expletives. in it that Orton’s alleged reaction certainly makes it seem he was left furious at the suggestion. Even though non-wrestling family members have often been used in storylines, you can’t blame someone for not wanting that for their family.

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