October 2, 2022
Ottawa storm 2022: School boards assessing damage, planning for Tuesday

School board officials have been working with the city and Hydro Ottawa to assess the impact of the storm on the roads, sidewalks, trees and power infrastructure in each school community.

All Ottawa Catholic School Board schools will be closed to staff and students Tuesday for “safety reasons” with most students expected to head back to class Wednesday.

The board decided to close all schools because “thousands of families are still without power, roads still need to be cleared, and municipal officials are urging residents to stay off city streets as they attempt to stabilize roadways and traffic lights.”

There will be no remote learning on Tuesday either, said the statement from director of education Thomas D’Amico and board chair Mark D. Mullan. Child care facilities located in English Catholic board schools will be closed Tuesday and there will be no buses running, the board said.

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