September 27, 2022
NASA's Voyager 1 Probe Experiences A Odd Glitch; See Some Of Its Transfixing Images

In 2012, Voyager 1 became the first man-made object to pass through the heliosphere, the sun’s barrier, and reach interstellar space. NASA recently provided an update on the status of its Voyager I probe, which appears to have experienced technical problems with one of its instruments.

According to the US space agency the spacecraft suffered, has begun to experience the aftereffects of such a long journey. Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory discovered issues with the attitude articulation and control system on Voyager 1.

On September 5, 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 space probe into orbit. The spacecraft has sent stunning images of space, planets, and other celestial bodies over the years. Let’s Take a Look at Them:-

The Great Dark Spot was discovered in 1989, when the Voyager 2 spacecraft passed by Neptune. Great Dark Spot was a massive spinning storm in Neptune’s southern atmosphere that was roughly the size of the entire Earth. Wind speeds in this storm reached up to 1,500 miles per hour.

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