September 28, 2022
Mission: Impossible: Recapping The Most Important Plot Points Of The Series

Tom Cruise’s flagship franchise will return for its seventh installment with Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One set for release on July 14, 2023. The film’s teaser trailer has promised big things to come, as Ethan Hunt’s team of IMF members take on a massive threat once more.

Since the franchise is already six films deep, it’s best to remember the most important plot points so far. Individual movies can be enjoyed on a standalone basis, but there are certain arcs and story outlines that viewers always need to be aware of. Whether it’s about Ethan’s romance angles with Julia and Ilsa or Solomon Lane’s actions with the Syndicate, a Mission: Impossible recap needs to be on the cards.

The primary outline of the series surrounds the Impossible Mission Force, an independent espionage agency that the U.S. government keeps in its employ. It’s not strictly part of the government itself because the IMF is seen as a risky agency that the government can cut ties with at any point.

The IMF is primarily responsible for things outside of the capabilities of the FBI and CIA, with its agents largely kept a secret from many members of the government. Ethan Hunt’s role in the series is squarely tied with the IMF as a senior agent who has risen in the agency’s ranks.

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