September 27, 2022
Liv Morgan Was Left Waiting For 19 Minutes Between Her Entrance And Match On Raw

The way WWE does certain things is very different from other wrestling promotions. That’s because, whether you like it or not, WWE is bigger than any other wrestling promotion. It needs to cater to networks like no other, and may even put its advertisers before its fans. That’s one of the reasons why it has Superstars enter the ring and then just stand there while they wait for their match to start.

Those of us watching at home don’t just sit there and watch them pace the mat, of course. We’re shown ads, packages, and interviews while the wrestler is made to wait. It happens on almost every single WWE show you’ll watch in the present day. However, WWE may well have set a new record for how long it made a Superstar wait after their entrance on Raw this week.

Liv Morgan wrestled Rhea Ripley on Monday night, making her entrance before the female Judgment Day member. However, before Morgan was afforded the chance to get her hands on Ripley, she had to do some of that aforementioned standing around. 19 minutes of it to be exact. That’s according to Alex Pawlowski on Twitter who questioned how long Morgan was being made to wait before answering their own question.

During that break, WWE played a memorial day package, showed some ads, and padded the almost 20-minute wait with some other stuff too. As for how Morgan killed the time, you’d have to ask her, or some of the fans in attendance. It seems unlikely that she just stood there. Perhaps she took the time to interact with fans sat in the front row, or maybe just chilled at ringside.

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