September 27, 2022
Letters: May 29, 2022

Mass Shootings ” is defined as “4 or more shot and killed in a single event” and the US in 2022 has already experienced 198 mass shootings, 27 involving schools with 140 deaths and numerous injuries.

90% of Americans support a background checks when purchasing a firearm. However, GOP Senators are unwilling to support even this type of legislation, while proposals to ban the sale of assault weapons gathers dust in the House and Senate.

The NRA and Gun Lobbyists have the power, due to the campaign dollars GOP legislators receive for their re-election campaigns. However, they have no problem supporting the Pro-Life movement, while Republican governors pass anti-abortion laws, “to save lives” while GOP Congressmen and Senators oppose gun laws that are aimed at saving lives. Why?

So much emotional pain for those losing a loved one in senseless “Mass Shootings,” while the public has become almost desensitized to the heart-breaking tragedies.

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