October 1, 2022
Law & Order: SVU season 24: Could a three-part crossover be ahead?

As we look ahead towards Law & Order: SVU season 24 airing on NBC this fall, there’s of course a lot of stuff to be excited for. Think in terms of new cases, chances to see relationships build, and hopefully opportunities for some familiar faces to return.

Of course, we’re also sure that there are conversations in the months to come about the potential of a three-part crossover between the flagship show, SVU, and Organized Crime. Will this actually happen?

The first thing to note here is, of course, just how difficult these actually are to pull off! They aren’t easy to achieve, and there are a number of different reasons for that. You have to figure out the right story for them, and that means coordinating different writers rooms to come up with a worthy idea. You can’t just put out something halfhearted or haphazard; there needs to be real substance here.

Following this up, you also need to make sure that the cast and crew are available to work across all three shows. If Mariska Hargitay is working on Organized Crime, for example, that means she may not be able to do as much on a given episode of SVU. This can be a scheduling nightmare, even if all three Law & Order shows film in New York City.

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