September 30, 2022
Indigenous Canadian filmmaker booted from Cannes over moccasins

Dene film producer Kelvin Redvers spoke with Daily Hive about his experience at Cannes and how he was turned away from the red carpet for wearing culturally significant moccasins.

The cohort were in France partly to promote their projects – Redvers just finished Cold Road and has a forthcoming thriller called Don’t Look Down that he’s in the process of fundraising for.

“One of the things I was most excited about going into the festival was to take part in a red carpet event because I’m a filmmaker and there’s something prestigious about it,” said Redvers.

“Cannes has a pretty strict dress code, which I understood going in, it’s pretty formal…But it’s also generally known that Cannes makes a bit of accommodation for different formal wear for different national outfits like a kilt is okay on the red carpet,” he said.

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