September 29, 2022
'American Idol's HunterGirl Reveals Her Reaction To 2nd Place Finish: I'm 'Too Crazy To Give Up'

HunterGirl is officially your ‘American Idol’ season 20 runner-up. The country singer reveals her reaction to losing out to Noah Thompson and what’s next for her.

American Idol season 20 came down to Noah Thompson and HunterGirl, with Noah being crowned the new champion. HunterGirl had been a frontrunner from the very beginning after receiving the coveted Platinum Ticket. HunterGirl spoke to reporters, including HollywoodLife, about her reaction to the results.

“I’m feeling really good,” HunterGirl said. “This has been a year’s worth of work and learning songs and figuring out music. This has just been the best year of my life. Getting to be on that stage, I never thought I’d make it past Nashville, much less getting to be in the finale, so getting to be here and have this moment… This is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

When it comes to her future, HunterGirl is as determined as ever. “I think I’m just too crazy to give up on anything,” she admitted. “After this, I’m just going to hit it really hard and go after everything I’ve wanted. This has been the best year of my life. This has changed my life. I’m so grateful, and I’m truly proud of myself right now. It’s been hard, guys. I ain’t going to lie to you.”

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