September 29, 2022
Hearthstone 23.4 patch notes add Throne of the Tides Mini-Set

The undersea exploration of Hearthstone’s latest expansion isn’t over just yet. Blizzard’s journey to the depths has uncovered some more oceanic treasure in the form of an all-new Mini-Set of cards. The Throne of the Tides will help round out what’s been a fun new expansion for Standard play, while Battlegrounds users will find some new contenders ready to jump into their fray.

Neputulon and Ozumat are coming for the throne in Patch 23.4!đź‘‘Throne of the Tides Mini Set!đź‘‘Battlegrounds Updatesđź‘‘Diablo Returnsđź‘‘And more!

The biggest change to Hearthstone 23.4 will be the addition of the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set. Two new Neutral Colossal minions will be included in the set. The (8) Cost, 6/5 Ozumat will fill the board with deadly 1/3 tentacles. For each tentacle that’s destroyed, a minion on the other side of the board will also be removed from play. Meanwhile, the (10) Cost, 7/7 Neptulon has Rush and Windfury, as well as two massive 4/2 hands. If Neptulon attempts to attack, his hands will move instead and those hands are Immune while attacking. That’s far from everything coming in the set and we’ll have a full recap of every card unveiled here at Shacknews later today.

Ozumat is also taking his fury to Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Ozumat’s passive Hero Power summons a 2/2 Tentacle with Taunt at the start of every combat phase. However, after the player sells a minion, those stats will be upgraded. The other addition to Battlegrounds is a new Tier 1 minion called Bubblette, which has 2/5 stats, but can be destroyed by taking exactly one point of damage.

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