October 1, 2022
Gucci X OURA Ring marries function and fashion together in this modern wearable

The Oura Ring on its own is already a fantastic product. But what happens when the team behind it partners with a luxury fashion house like Gucci? Well, you get a luxurious smart ring that will be much-coveted.

This is the first collaboration between the fashion brand and the Finnish health technology company. Getting fit and healthy can be stylish now with all the fun and beautiful wearable pieces available on the market. Of course, trendy smartwatches can help, but intelligent rings like the Oura Ring are more convenient.

Of course, the Oura Ring’s features are limited, but you can never go wrong with a stylish product. The Gucci x Oura Ring celebrates self-discovery and individuality. Oura’s technology combined with Gucci’s flair for style results in an “exquisitely crafted” ring.

People won’t think you’re wearing a health tracker because the Gucci x Oura Ring looks just like a simple accessory. It works with an accompanying app which means you can enjoy the research-grade technology, insights, and personalized guidance Oura is known for. It offers the same comfort and biometric accuracy but now with the distinct Gucci style.

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