October 2, 2022
Grey's Anatomy: Returning April Actor Teases Massive Season 18 Finale

Returning April Kepner actor Sarah Drew teases what’s to come in the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale. This season focuses on the fate of Grey Sloan’s residency program, which came under fire in recent episodes. The two-hour finale will finally reveal the program’s future, which could impact Meredith and Nick’s move to Minnesota. The second hour is also the show’s 400th episode and will celebrate its journey so far. As such, Drew and Jesse Williams will return in the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale as their fan-favorite characters April and Jackson.

April and Jackson’s relationship has been tumultuous, to say the least. The two share a daughter and were once married, but their grief over losing their son eventually drove them apart and caused them to divorce. Both pursued other relationships afterward, with April even marrying her ex, Matthew. After exiting Grey’s Anatomy in season 14, Drew reprised her role in May 2021. At that point, it was revealed April split up with Matthew. Drew’s return helped explain Jackson’s departure from the series, as he convinced April to join him in moving to Boston with their daughter. The move suggested the two characters might get back together down the line, though that isn’t explicitly stated in the episode.

All told, the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale is poised to be a big event, with viewers curious to see what happens with the residency program and Jackson and April’s relationship. Speaking with EW ahead of the episode, Drew teased how the finale stacks up against others. Read her comments below:

The only thing I can say really is I felt like this one left me with the biggest question marks as to the future, way bigger than anything I’ve seen on any previous season finales. It’s brain-exploding. Like, what happens now? What are we doing? What’s the show? It’s a very big, massive question mark.

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