October 1, 2022
Gov. Jim Justice might have Lyme disease; here's what we know about the illness

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice says he’s extremely sick after attending events earlier this week. It is a possibility he may have Lyme disease.

“There’s several ticks in the US, several ticks in West Virginia and there’s one or two in particular that can transmit Lyme disease,” Barbra Koster, Nurse Practitioner at West Virginia Health Right said.

“The most common one being that they can develop a rash. The rash may or may not be present though to develop Lyme disease. The rash can take on a variety of forms it’s usually the redness around the site the tick has attached,” Koster said.

On Wednesday, Justice sent out a statement saying “After the WV GameChanger events on Monday in Wheeling and Blacksville, I began feeling extremely sick. I immediately got tested for COVID-19 and was negative, but I am still having symptoms and nowhere near 100%. As of now, I am being treated for possible Lyme disease.”

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