September 29, 2022
First female offensive coach in the CFL strengthening Riders' game

“Focus on coaching high school, focus on coaching U Sports,” Ruller said. “I said, no I’m going to aim higher, I’m going to keep going. I never let someone say no to me and you can feel that in my heart.”

“I sit, absorb, I ask them so many questions and I’m able to use that now in my coaching going forward,” Ruller said. “This is so huge for my development.”

“When I see the other women or girls out there watching me, it just adds inspiration and excitement. I’m actually more motivated than stressed because I know that once they see this, they can do that. I just want to be the best coach, I don’t want to be the best female coach, I want to be the best coach out there,” Ruller said.

“She’s been everything we expected and more,” Riders head coach Craig Dickenson said. “She’s been a fantastic coach, an outstanding person and has really brought a lot of good energy to that room.”

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