September 26, 2022
Fire-Toronto FC Preview

Chicago Fire head coach Ezra Hendrickson expects Toronto FC to come out “defending their turf” when the two Eastern Conference strugglers meet on Saturday night.

The Canadian side is without a win in six league games, but the Fire have not won in 10 games in all competitions – leaving them bottom of the table – and Hendrickson expects another tough task.

“They’re at home, and I expect them to come out fighting for those three points,” he said. “We are going to into there just like we did with the Red Bulls and against NYCFC, trying to get three points. I expect them to come out defending their turf, so to speak. We’re going to go there looking for three points, so it’ll be a good game, even though it’s two teams that find themselves at the bottom of the Eastern table right now.

“Every place I’ve been, when you first enter the Cup you play away games against teams like Halifax. It’s the same around the world, those games just take on a whole different feel,” explained Bradley. “You’ve got to be at your best, you’ve got to be sharp, and often times if you’re just a little bit off in certain moments, the other team starts to believe and they hang in there, and then the game becomes a real fight. And that’s what (that win) is all about.”

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