September 26, 2022
Edge's Return To WWE Is A Legend Comeback Done Right

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has been on a roll for his entire second run in WWE. Since returning to the company in early 2020 as a surprised entrant in the Royal Rumble, Edge has become one of WWE’s most valuable performers despite retiring for nearly a decade in 2011. For the two-and-a-half years since being back, Edge’s had many classic bouts that even include wrestling at the main event of Wrestlemania 37. As he’s currently leading a heel faction called Judgment Day, Edge’s second run with WWE has exceeded expectations to where he’s an example of a WWE legend return done right.

When Edge retired from the ring in 2011, there was a consensus that he’d most likely never wrestle again due to suffering a career-ending neck injury. However, Edge overcame the odds against him and eventually got cleared to perform despite being in his late-40s.

Considering the severity of his career-ending injuries, Edge’s comeback from massive adversity is one of the most inspiring events in modern professional wrestling. When one thinks of the perfect return of a beloved legend, it would involve something inspiring that one can learn from as a real-life experience. Edge’s comeback from a life-threatening injury can’t get more inspiring than that.

Although not every match Edge has had in his second run has been great, it’s worth mentioning the many classic bouts he’s been a part of that fans remember. He’s had thriller matches with many superstars, as Edge has proven that he can work with almost anyone in today’s generation of WWE.

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