October 4, 2022
Dog Dressed Up like Tommy Shelby from 'Peaky Blinders' in Adorable Video

Peaky Blinders may have ended its run on the small screen but one creative dog owner is channeling the spirit of Cillian Murphy’s character Tommy Shelby through his four-legged friend.

The hit crime drama concluded after six seasons in April of this year and while a spinoff film is reportedly in the works it would appear some fans are still pining for the show.

They include Colombian Freddy Hurtado, who recently took to TikTok to highlight the lengths he is willing to go to recapture some of that Peaky Blinders magic by dressing up his dog, Vikingo, as the show’s central protagonist.

An increasing number of dog owners are seeking out costumes for their canines, with a survey by dogsitting service Rover finding that 66 percent were planning to dress their four-legged friend up for Halloween in 2021.

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