September 26, 2022
Delaying Starfield Is Good, You Monsters

That’s a big disappointment for a lot of people! Especially the people who just became sentient last week and didn’t see this delay coming from a mile away. Were we really shocked at the Starfield delay? It’s not a tie-in skin for Fortnite you’re embarrassed you like. It’s an open world game – or, I guess, open galaxy game? – developed by the same people who made Skyrim and a few things that were kind of like Fallout. These things take time to make. They’re all very large games, you know. It takes a beat to develop an interconnected universe in which your most minute choices could change the trajectory of the story.

I know people are mad at Microsoft about it because it means that the Xbox has even fewer exciting exclusives for the rest of the year. You may have seen a lot of this from people online whose entire personalities are based on which console has the best exclusives. Some of you get mad, by the way. Master Chief isn’t real. Kratos will never love you. Just stop.

Of course, I very much understand why an eagerly anticipated game being delayed would make people upset. Whether it be sex or learning I should own a couple of shirts that don’t have a cartoon on them, most of the good things in my life have also arrived years behind schedule. It’s annoying and frustrating. If you want to know the last time I wore a Taz shirt, the answer is ‘way too recently’.

Delays are disappointing. Fans plan entire months around big releases. It feels like a great vacation being pushed back a year. And it’s clearly someone’s fault, right? They said Starfield was coming out in 2022. Now they’re saying it’s coming out in 2023? Fuck them for that. I agree with you, a person whose opinions I made up to be mad at.

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