October 2, 2022
COVID-19 hit Shanghai heads for lockdown exit but China still lost in economic gloom

Workers in protective suits are seen at a closed residential area during lockdown, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, in Shanghai, China, on May 25, 2022.ALY SONG/Reuters

Pandemic-hit Shanghai, China’s financial hub, unveiled more post-lockdown plans on Thursday as it moves toward a return to normalcy, but a nationwide economic recovery is still a distance away, heightening a sense of urgency for more support.

China’s biggest city by economic output has suffered from the lockdown imposed in early April. Other cities not under lockdown but still hemmed in by COVID-19 curbs, including Beijing, have also struggled, with the highly transmissible Omicron provoking stronger responses from health authorities this year.

With the government refusing to loosen its zero tolerance stance on COVID-19, factories and businesses have been bruised by disruptions caused by lockdowns, endless mass testing and mobility restrictions on vast swathes of the population.

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