September 26, 2022
Code Ocean brings Saas to computational-research labs, raises $16.5M

Still, scientists, just like other professionals, can work in silos. Their jobs are complex, circuitous, time-consuming, often messy, even more often repetitive. And while the value of AI and machine learning (ML) are by now undisputed, the accumulated data is more than can ever possibly be humanly analyzed.

Code Ocean strives to help scientists get back to the basics – for themselves and humanity. The company developed what it calls the first-of-its-kind, computational-research laboratory SaaS platform for scientific collaboration and discovery. The technology enables scientists across disciplines to standardize workflows and track and reproduce computations and discoveries.

“The preface of this project was collaboration,” said Simon Adar, CEO and cofounder of the Cornell Tech-incubated company, which today announced a $16.5 million series B funding round.

The “essential triplet” of any computational research work is code, data and results. According to Adar, Code Ocean’s core is its trademarked Compute Capsule, a container technology that encapsulates reproducible, archival and executable versions of experiments, thus combining that essential triplet.

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